12v 4A LiFePO4 Battery Charger, AC-to-DC (DC-Plug)

Title: 14.6VDC,4A,DC Plug
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Introducing the Bioenno Power 14.6V, 4A AC-to-DC Charger (Model BPC-1504DC), the ultimate solution for charging your 12V LiFePO4 batteries efficiently and safely. Built to meet the high standards of modern electronic charging, this model not only promises superior performance but also ensures your batteries are charged using the latest in charging technology.

Why Choose the Bioenno Power 12v 4amp Battery Charger?

Advanced Charging Capability

  • High Output Charging: Offers a powerful 14.6VDC, 4A output, enabling faster charging times compared to standard chargers.
  • CC/CV Charge Profile: Maintains an optimal charge cycle, enhancing battery life and performance by ensuring the batteries are charged under constant current and voltage.

Global Compatibility

  • Wide Input Voltage (110~220VAC): Ready for worldwide use without the need for voltage converters, making it perfect for international travelers and professionals.

Robust and Portable Design

  • Dimensions: 5.25 in. x 2.25 in. x 1.125 in. (133.35 mm x 57.15 mm x 29.00 mm)
  • Weight: 1 lb. (0.45 kg), designed for mobility and ease of use.

Safety First

  • PCM/BMS Compatibility: Ensures that it is used with LiFePO4 batteries that include a Protection Circuit Module/Battery Management System, safeguarding against overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuiting.

Product Specifications

  • Input Voltage: Accommodates 110VAC/220VAC, perfect for both domestic and international use.
  • Output: Specifically designed 14.6VDC, 4A output for LiFePO4 batteries.
  • Connector: Standard DC Plug
  • Build: Compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and transport.

Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

  • Shipping: Available with standard shipping options to meet your needs.
  • Return/Exchange: 30-day return and exchange policy.
  • Warranty: Detailed warranty information can be accessed on our warranty page.

Perfect Pairing with Bioenno Power’s 12V LiFePO4 Batteries

The BPC-1504DC DC-Plug charger is designed to complement Bioenno Power’s range of 12V LiFePO4 batteries. Whether you need to power high-demand applications or everyday devices, this charger provides the efficiency and reliability required to get the most out of your batteries.

Explore the Bioenno Power Difference

Bioenno Power is not just about products; it's about empowering your lifestyle. Our chargers and batteries are crafted to provide you with the highest standard of energy solutions. From rigorous quality checks to continuous innovation, every product is developed with your needs in mind.


The Bioenno Power 14.6V, 4A AC-to-DC Charger (BPC-1504DC) sets new standards for charging 12V LiFePO4 batteries, combining powerful performance with cutting-edge technology for a seamless charging experience. Whether at home or abroad, trust Bioenno Power to keep your batteries charged and ready for any challenge.

Ready to revolutionize your charging routine? Purchase the Bioenno Power BPC-1504DC today and experience the pinnacle of battery charging technology. Add to cart and check out today!


  1. Is this charger suitable for all types of LiFePO4 batteries?

    • It is designed for 12V LiFePO4 batteries with a PCM/BMS for optimal safety and performance.
  2. How does the CC/CV charging profile benefit my batteries?

    • It helps maintain the health and longevity of your batteries by ensuring they are charged under controlled current and voltage.
  3. Can I use this charger in any country?

    • Yes, thanks to its 110~220VAC input range, it can be used internationally without additional equipment.
  4. What safety features does this charger have?

    • It must be used with batteries that have an integrated PCM/BMS to ensure protection against potential electrical hazards.
  5. How can I ensure the warranty for this charger?

    • Warranty details are provided on our warranty page, including information on coverage and how to claim.

Click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheet for LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries.

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