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Ham Radio

"I have been using your 12 volt 6 amp LiFePo battery for over a year now. I am an airline pilot for an international airline and it has traveled the world with me in my flight bag to various locations like Diego Garcia, Kwajalein Atoll, Wake Island and Ascension. I use it to power my Yaesu ft-817 in QRP operation from those areas. It gives me excellent service life and has never failed me. It's small and lightweight profile makes it perfect for travel. And it was great that you already had the Anderson power poles pre installed. My next purchase will be your 12V, 9Ah LiFePO4 battery still small enough for the FAA regulations on carrying lithium batteries."

Randy Avery, WW6RG
Cypress, California

"I purchased the BLF-1215W LiFePO4 12volt 15AH battery pack to power my IC-7000 ham radio.The battery seems to be well made with quality materials. In the months that have have owned it, it has worked flawlessly. I considered many different LiFePO4 batteries before settling on the BLF-1215W. The features of the battery that drew me to it are:
- It can deliver 30amps continuously which allows me to run the IC-7000 with full power.
- LiFePO4 technology has a low voltage drop with discharge so it stays above the radio drop out voltage.
- The 15AH battery is only 4 lbs., so it is much lighter than an SLA battery of the same capacity.
- A matching 4A charger is available.
- LiFePO4 is known to be safer than Li-Ion batteries.
- It comes with an Anderson Powerpole connector.
- The price is good compared to other batteries of similar specification.
I am happy with the BLF-1215W and would recommend it to other hams who want to power a portable HF/VHF/UHF radio."

Randy Luhta, K8KWL
Chardon, Ohio


"I purchased the BLF-1220TS 12V-20Ah battery as a light weight, easy to deploy power source for my Elecraft KX3. In the time I have had this I have taken it to a mountain top and to my back porch, using an end fed half wave antenna which is easy to set up. Not having to use the power mains adds much to the pleasure of QRP operations. And using a much safer chemistry (LiFePo) removes concern for serious problems."

William M. (Bill) Durrett, K4STN
Jasper, Georgia
"I own 4 Bioenno Power products, a 3AH battery, a 6 AH battery, a 15 AH battery, and the 10A solar charge controller. Been very pleased with all of them. As you know, my primary application is for portable ham radio operation."

Roger Klein
New Ulm, Texas

"I bought a Bioenno Power BLF-1212WS (12V 12Ah) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery last spring to power my ham radio HF low power transceiver - an Elecraft KX3. I purchased this battery because of it’s high capacity, light weight, and small size. I take my KX3 on “portable” outings - parks, camping trips, and quite often into the back yard when the weather is nice. This battery has the power needed to run my radio at full output power for hours and hours. When not at home I charge it up with a portable folding solar panel and at home with the Bioenno-supplied AC power supply. Anyone looking for lightweight, high-capacity 12V power would be well advised to look into the Bioenno products!"

James Bennett, W6JHB
Folsom, California
"A group of our radio club members were tired of heavy SLA batteries after several island events. LiFePo4 seems like the way to go - much lighter, more useable power, more recharge cycles. (Seems that an SLA AmpHour is about 50% of stated!) One member tried a 60Ah battery (too big), several tried 12AH batteries (too small), all decided that 30AH seems about the sweet point for our use. Bioenno Power had the perfect package size and form for a 30AH battery. We placed a group order for 5 units with chargers and saved a lot on shipping in addition to a very generous discount offered by Bioenno. We are all very happy with our batteries and look forward to warmer weather for more ham radio events!"

Ted Wrobel, W1GRI
Newport, Rhode Island


" I installed the BLF-1220W in a Gator case along with my Yaesu FT-991 and took it on a trip to the Arizona desert to be a volunteer on the Desert Storm Road Rally.  After getting to my location. all I had to do is open up the case, connect the antenna and I was on the air. Last Saturday I was on the Start/Finish line and ran all day.  Great Battery and I am glad I got it."

Mark Johnson, KD6SEC
Cathedral City, California
"I am a big fan of LiFePO4 batteries.  We use them for Summits on the Air (SOTA) activations.  I recently learned about Bioenno Power batteries.  Since I wanted a battery with greater capacity, I ordered one.  My first step is always to test for performance.  I use an ICOM 706 MKIIG transceiver.  I put the battery under receive load and monitored results every hour.  Most importantly, one should monitor Watt-hour usage.   I did while keeping track of battery voltage.  The Bioenno performed flawlessly!  I used 17.5 Wh consistently for 20 hours.   Battery voltage began at 13.65 VDC and slowly declined to 12.4 VDC.   Within the next hour I reached the 360 Wh rated capacity, and my rig was still running fine.   This is a great product and it will stow nicely in my SOTA backpack.

Larry Peterson, WB9KMW
Appleton, Wisconsin

Electric Bike & Scooter

"After real world testing, Bioenno Power LiFePO4 batteries have proven to be amazing in a few areas. Weight, life cycles and range. My wife has a 3 wheeled travel scooter she uses all the time.The lead acid batteries had limited range and ran low relatively quickly. Even when new. Plus, the lead acids batteries are almost useless after 6 months of recharging.  We installed a pair of the Bioenno Power LiFePO4 12VDC 12AH batteries in series into the scooter for its 24VDC motor. No problem charging them at all.
The new batteries save about 10lbs off the scooters total weight too. Saving my back quite a bit. The range and freedom she has to explore is extraordinary! She went 4 days at Huntington beach one week without charging the scooter before the batteries finally ran dry! Easily, 10x the range she had before with the lead acid batteries. Simply amazing batteries!"

Tim Reyburn
Laurel, Maryland

"I purchased the 24v LiFePO4 battery BLF-2410W in August 2015. I ride an ebike almost every weekday to work and back using this battery as my power source. This battery weighs half the weight of the SLA batteries it replaced. I could not be happier with this purchase. It has shown absolutely no power loss from start to finish, and fully charges in 4 hours with the charger that is offered as an option. I also contacted support with a question, and got a quick response. With a good warranty and good customer support, I am making this my battery supplier."

Larry Cluts
Peoria, Illinois

I have been a campground host at Madison Campground for 4 months. It is very hard to make any radio contacts with the mountains very close by the campground and my site is under the powerlines ! I have MISSED using my qrp radio system and having contacts.

As National Park Volunteers we had the opportunity to use a one room log cabin that is 3 miles off of the road. I was excited about the chance to set up a qrp station and to make the cabin” radio active” . The hike was up hill most of the way. We were very remote and had to carry in all of our supplies including food and water purification to last for the two and a half days that we planned on being there.

My radio equipment included a QRP 10 20 40 Trail Friendly wire antenna from LNR Precision, a 28 watt foldable solar panel from BIOENNO power, an Elecraft qrp tuner, and a FT 817 with an Bioenno 120 watt hour power pack. This powerpack has a built in solar controller that can handle the 28 watt panel input. The solar panel has a USB plug off of the panel.

Arriving at the cabin there were chores to be done ; unbolt the window shutters , turn on the propane , air out the cabin as well as unpacking. I was tired from the hike up with a 40 pound backpack and a nap was in order.

It was our 31st anniversary so that evening after dinner we sat on the porch and enjoyed some adult beverages while watching the sun go down, and I left the radio packed.


The next day after breakfast I set up the radio and antenna. Conditions were long that day on 20 meters… to say the least. My first contact from the cabin in Montana was to Denver, the second was to the Ohanna Net in Hawaii with 5 watts! I was surprised to hear 53 to 55 reception report!


My station on a wooden crate on the front porch.

My antenna was 10 feet off the ground at the cabin and about 15 feet at the tree end, in a north to south configuration. The cabin is at 7240 feet elevation and my 5 watts made it to Hawaii. My third contact was to Prince George British, Columbia.


The solar panel in the background is for the cabin and is the National Park antenna mount. It is for the National Park H/T. In the foreground is my LNR Precision Trail Friendly antenna. One note about the cabin it does have 12 volt power. There is no other electrical device in the cabin except for a 12 volt compact fluorescent bulb.


28 Watt Solar Panel on a folding ladder, the ladder was at the cabin. 

The back of the ladder held my powerpack. 



At 1 pm Mountain Time I tuned to the 40 meter band and tried to check in to the Jefferson Noon Net, I made multiple attempts before I was heard and relayed into the net. Well it worked!

I had my powerpack and a 28 watt panel supplying power back to the powerpack. This kind of power and radio system works for me very well. This was my first use of the new battery and solar panel as well as the trail friendly antenna, all worked as I had hoped, better than I hoped .

The main thing about operation in a remote location is there is NO man made electrical noise!!

When I first put on the headphones it was a pleasure to hear such quiet the bands, one tends to forget how much noise civilization produces, hearing just the bands and no man made noise was a delight and easy to hear and enjoy the bands.

While I had just the one day to play radio there, it was so worth it. Yes there are lighter radios and power systems and solar panels, however I was happy with the system and how well it worked. I wish I could have spent a week there. I did not bring my key with me on the hike.

Next time I will bring my key.

This whole hike and stay at the cabin were a great opportunity that we were given. As we are in our RV and have limited room, I brought with me my radio basics for our 8 months volunteering. I am always looking for opportunities to enjoy QRP and remote operations.

Being remote with a QRP radio and battery pack and solar recharging capabilities allows you really unlimited radio time. It also gives you a wonderful feeling of being out in nature and using radio away from the shack with the desk and comfy chair. As you can see in the photo my desk was an old crate and my chair, a well-used cane chair.

Being remote also pushes you as a HAM to try new ways of enjoying the hobby.

In October we move to Silverton Oregon for 3 months and the radio conditions will be much better for my QRP rig. It will be much more open and I will have my 31 foot Eagle One Vertical Antenna up.

I had more fun doing this remote operation at the cabin than I can express in this article.

I encourage all of you to get out and be portable ANYWHERE.

As I have said many times…  Ham Radio is just TOO much fun

73 de NE4AM


Trail Friendly antenna 
Power Pack 
Foldable Solar Panel 
Elecraft QRP Tuner 
31 foot vertical 
NE4AM is an extra class, volunteer examiner, FIST member, ARRL Member 
When at home in North Carolina I enjoy my club membership in W4YSB 

Terry Smith, NE4AM
Madison Campground, Montana

"My hobby is ham radio. Bioenno Power batteries changed how I operate portable , qrp, and back up power. I have 2 primary qrp radios one is the HB-1B and the other is my FT-817. I will start with the 817, it HAD an internal ni cad battery. This offered portable operation....however.. as the battery ran down so did the output power of the radio. I took the nicad out and now only use the 12 amp hour battery from Bioenno Power. it maintains output power for the radio down to the 20% left rate. With my 28 watt solar panel and charge controller I can operate a very very long time . The HB-1B is a cw only radio and I use a 6 amp hour Bioenno Power battery. I can run all day and all night on the one battery 50% duty cycle transmitting on cw. I plan on building a portable power system in an ammo box so that I can have 2 batteries in it as well as a charge controller and power distribution fused system. to say that Bioenno Power changed my hobby life would be a gross understatement! 73 de ne4am"

Terry Smith, NE4AM


"Hi all, just sending you a shot of my latest Public Amplifier using your Bioenno Power 24V, 10Ah battery. I perform live shows with this system and thanks to you and solar it runs it self. Just keeping you in the loop. Thank you for your professional attitude and such great products." 

"Inside this pro solar powered concert amp is a Bioenno Power 12V, 30Ah and 2 x 12V, 6Ah LiFePO4 batteries. The 12V, 30Ah powers the 200watt per channel stereo power amp and the 12V, 6Ah LiFePo4 batteries are used for powering the effects board and mixer. A 24V, 10Ah LiFePO4 battery runs the Yamaha Line Mixer and Korg Multi Eq, by way of a 150 Watt true sine wave inverter. This is my personal sound rig but your products are powering other pro stage amps and lighting as well. Thank you for such safe, stable and professional products. Bob Macon,  CEO of Outlaw Solar Audio Systems."

Bob Macon CEO of Outlaw Solar Audio Systems
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have two portable solar panels, a solar charge controller, a power pack and several LiFePO4 batteries (7 amp hour up to 50 amp hour) from Bioenno Power that I use to power everything from phones and tablets, to computers, to ham radios and basically anything that can be run from an automobile cigarette lighter adapter. With a 1,000 watt inverter, I can even (selectively) run the lights, small appliances, fans, pumps, refrigerators and the microwave in my home through a back-feed in my electric panel. I have found all of Bioenno's products to be very durable and high quality items. Technical Support is very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable.

I've used these products together to build a very compact and modular power storage and energy harvesting system that ensures I will always have the electrical power that I need, no matter what. To round it out, I've also got a small, dual fuel (Propane and Gasoline) backup generator that I can use, if needed, to power devices and recharge the batteries and power pack, but thanks to all the storage capacity from Bioenno, I'll never need to run it more than a few hours at a time, and not very often if at all. For less than $2,000, I have basically converted my home to be optionally off-grid, hybrid electric solar/propane/gasoline! Best of all, with a little advice from Bioenno technical support and my electrician, I was able to do this with very limited electrical knowledge and skill; it's plug-and-play, almost like Legos.

Before I bought the Bioenno products, I evaluated several integrated "solar generator" systems from other companies, but soon discovered that they all use cheap lead acid batteries, which are very heavy, have limited storage capacity and a short lifetime; those systems are way overpriced, very heavy, bulky and difficult to repair, gimmicky and do not really provide a long term solution. I feel much more secure with a modular system made up mostly of Bioenno products that allow me to swap out parts, charge only the batteries that need it and even carry a small part of the system (power pack and a solar panel) with me if I want."

Rick H.

Denver, Colorado
I purchased a 4.5 Ah LiFePO4 battery from Bioenno Power in September, 2015 to supply power while backpacking.  While learning about LiFePO4, I became attracted to its high power to weight ratio, favorable discharge curve and long cycle life. I found Bioenno Power's LiFePO4 batteries, whose internal balancing feature makes the use of LiFePO4 in a long-term, off-grid, low-power situation feasible.  I purchased one, and it continues to provide reliable service.  In addition to selling a great product that fits my needs perfectly, I have found Bioenno Power's level of service to be extraordinary.  Thanks again, Bioenno Power and Kevin, for a great product and great service.

Dave Corsello
Hawthorne, New Jersey


"Our company purchased several 52Ah batteries from another company and they did not come close to performing to what they claimed. I purchased a 15Ah unit from Bioenno Power and this unit outlasted the other unit hands down and it put out exactly what the battery rating was for. We pulled all the other battery units out of what they were installed into throughout the US and Australia and replaced with Bioenno Power Batteries. Not only do the batteries live up to their rating, but the service from Bioenno lives up to their high standards as well."

Greg Pung
National Mall Front and Design
Phoenix, Arizona

"Bioenno Power has been very helpful in tailoring a solution for my portable power needs. The resulting product delivered is well constructed & well finished. Thank you Bioenno Power!"

Sean Anakchan
Tokyo, Japan


Using the lead acid batteries that I used before, I was constantly reminded of their limits and short lifespan. When I found Bioennopower  on a web search I was really impressed with the California company and their products. And now years later, and the many batteries that I have purchased from them I'm even more excited about Bioennopower. I'm now using their LiFePO4 batteries in my scooter, my RV, and a portable power supply box with 1100 watt inverter that I'm in the process of completing. Thank you Bioennopower!

Walter Narcisso
Santa Clara, California


Thank you Bioennopower!  The delivery was on time. It was at my doorstep on Friday, the night I was scheduled to leave for a tournament. I rigged my dry box and hit the road. At camp I charged the battery per instructions and in the a.m. it was 100% ready to go. I powered my Lowrance 7Ti all day without worry.Your product is AMAZING and I look forward to spreading the word at multiple upcoming shows and demos.Thank you for your excellent customer service and super quality product.

Eugene Mora III
Elmendorf, Texas

Wilderness Pro Staff
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Unfair Lures Pro Staff
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