BIOENNO POWER specializes in OEM solutions for the most demanding large scale applications. Why settle for anything less than the best? Our products are currently in active service in numerous government agencies among which are the DEA, DHS and USFS with many other applications that remain classified. When you purchase Bioenno Power you purchase solutions trusted not only by the Government but by numerous large corporations leading the field in advanced technology, electronics and industry. We have industry experience ranging from advanced surveillance equipment to classified nuclear research facility projects and Hollywood sound production design. We make sure you have the power to push the envelope.  

The 11 Points: Why Bioenno Power?

You are paying for an obsession with quality and an absolute devotion to perfection.

  1. Industry insider experience: when you specialize in off-grid power systems, anything and everything is possible. With over a decade of cumulative experience, we have worked with civilians, soldiers and everyone in between. If you have a problem, we will probably have already encountered something similar in one form or another. Contact us: call us and email us. We give consultations and our exclusive industry leading technical advisory services free of charge. It’s all on us.  
  2. 5-10 service life, 1 year+ shelf life: Bioenno Power LFP power systems will last 5-10 years of hard daily use and maintain 100% capacity. Let’s put this into perspective. If you’ve ever used a flashlight you know that the batteries only last a few months. You will get a product with a shelf life that’s longer than the service life of most other batteries.
  3. Ultimate reliability: our power systems are almost impossible to damage or destroy from misuse. These power systems will not overcharge, overdischarge or short circuit and are internally balanced with absolute fail-safes. The power system will know if something is about to go wrong before you do and will preemptively take preventive action. 
  4. Superior technology: Lithium Iron Phosphate, better known as LFP is the most advanced iteration of Lithium batteries on the commercial market. We take it one step further. All of our power systems employ the latest Nanoscience innovations and are further enhanced by integrated intelligent computer chips, a feature no other battery form has. This means our power systems are very abuse tolerant.
  5. Proven track record: our products are used in everything from powering avionics in aircraft to remote seismic sensors and mission-critical surveillance equipment. Our products are field tested and are proven to deliver under the harshest climates from the bottom of a mine deep in the heart of Siberia to a precision machine up past 30,000 ft. above sea level.
  6. Technological know-how: our technical team is comprised entirely of PhD level Scientists and Engineers with backgrounds in ChemistryBiomedical EngineeringMechanical EngineeringElectrical Engineering, and Materials Science. We settle for nothing short of the best and that also applies to our staff. We have over a century of cumulative knowledge. That’s longer than the lifespan of most companies today.
  7. Comprehensive compatibility: we have one of the widest client bases and have experience in just about every industry ranging from Hollywood to Nuclear Research Facilities. You name it; we will have either done it or are currently doing it. No task is too great or too difficult. No one does “yes we can” quite like Bioenno Power.
  8. World beating quality for a world beating price: You won’t find better power systems for as many applications for a better price. We can offer you packages no other company can because no other company is backed by the combined industrial strength of over 20 factories and numerous teams of leading technicians and engineers. 
  9. Rapid turnaround time: we can go from concept to proven solution in an average of 6-8 weeks and still guarantee the absolute best, no trickery and no compromises. That is twice as fast as the market standard. Still not satisfied? We deliver all Commercial-Off-The-Shelf packages within 2 Business Days, guaranteed. This is a service you will not find anywhere else.
  10. True lithium capacity: what you see, what we quote, what we claim is what you get. We don’t play around with math to over-inflate our performance figures. All of our LFP units have guaranteed performance – our quality control is second to none. We test, inspect, and certify every single unit twice: once at the end of manufacturing and once before shipment. The other companies may do spot checks or batch checks but to us that is tantamount to cutting corners. A power system that is anything short of perfect won’t even make it off the factory floor.
  11. Not just any battery: quality and perfection are absolute orders we follow. We do not shortchange on any part of the process, not even how we prepare the shipping boxes. We build and test every single unit as though it were going to a mission-critical end user. What the professionals get so do you. You deserve the best. Don’t settle for copycats.  

These are 11 world beating reasons to buy Bioenno Power. Can your power system do all of this?

You can be better than the rest so why wait?


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