Bioenno Tech, LLC, doing business as Bioenno Power is based in Southern California. Our primary goal is to provide for the commercial market advanced power solutions centered on an advanced Lithium-ion type power unit called Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP). LFP batteries are one of the most advanced forms of Lithium-ion batteries commercially available and offer greatly enhanced characteristics Lead Acid batteries and even other related Lithium based batteries cannot match. Besides LFP, we also provide Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) batteries primarily for high RC model applications.  Bioenno Power offers True Lithium Capacity Assurance: no gimmicks, no false advertisement and no nonsense. We take pride in individually inspecting and quality-checking each and every battery when it is stocked into inventory and when it is shipped to our clientele. What you order is what you get.

The advantages of our batteries have are as such:

  • Lower weight
  • Increased capacity
  • Enhanced power delivery
  • Expedited efficiency
  • Longer lifetime than other Lithium Ion batteries
  • Better power density
  • Constant and stable discharge voltage
  • Increased battery safety due to thermal and chemical stability
  • Low environmental impact due to usage of Phosphate rather than Cobalt
  • Higher current/peak power ratings
  • Greater calendar life

In addition to LFP batteries, Bioenno Power  also manufactures solar devices ranging from solar panels to solar controllers and related energy-capture/storage systems (power packs)varying in application from recreational such as camping to serious usage in field where providing a reliable source of electricity is critical. Our solar products range allows our customers to bring the electric grid with them wherever they go whenever they go be it in the Deserts of California and Nevada to the Catskill and the Allegheny Mountain forests. Wireless Hotspots aren’t the only things that are mobile. We believe that just because you are off grid does not mean you are out of power.   

As an OEM international and domestic company with a vast product line for most conceivable battery applications, both commercial and industrial, all of our products are manufactured according to ISO quality management system standards and have ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 certifications. This ensures consistent process, stable performance, and high reliability. In addition we are also certified in compliance with RoHS directives and other international certifications, information upon formal request. Our products are trusted and employed internationally and domestically by a wide customer base ranging from amateur model makers using our batteries for RC applications to professional aviators trusting our batteries to power critical avionics and Ham Radio operators along with other users for applications in renewable systems and land/sea/air vehicles. Our clients include numerous OEM equipment manufacturers, government agencies, academic organizations, and other industrial/commercial/personal end users. 

Please download the Bioenno Power Product Line Catalog [PDF].





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