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Ham Radio

Chris Mattia 




Geoffrey Dick photos, WA4IKQ



Greg Blanchard uses Bioenno Power battery for Kayak fishing you can view his youtube channel to learn about Kayak fishing with Lithium batteries.


 Sammy Pugh uses Bioenno Power battery for Kayak fishing his is super stoked with our battery when it comes to being out in the water for long periods of time. To learn more check his page and facebook link on how to or to book.

Facebook @newriveroutfitters


 Lee Xiong 

Uses Bioenno Power battery on his Humminbird for Kayak Fishing you can find him on......

 facebook: Lee xiong

Instagram: bassnxiong




Eugene Mora 

Super friendly customer was super kind showing examples of how to cover the battery. As well who doesn't like fishes he shows in his photo's that he caught a fish that day with our Bioenno Power battery.







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