Modular Energy Storage Systems

Bioenno Power has currently developed a complete line of modular energy storage systems which provide tremendous benefits to users.  These modular energy storage systems provide electricity in the field, where there is no access to the AC grid or for backup power applications after a national disaster such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and earthquakes.  These systems can be used for commercial, consumer, industrial, government, and military applications. The systems incorporate an advanced LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery which (1) provides up to 2,000 charge life cycles, versus only a few hundred using lead acid batteries, and (2) lasts up to 6 to 7 times longer than lead acid batteries. The systems can be charged using various charging sources such as an AC-to-DC converter or with a solar panel.   These systems also include an integrated DC-to-AC inverter for powering AC devices, such as portable electronics, computers, TVs, radio telecommunications equipment, etc.  In addition the system has various DC output capabilities including a (1) 12VDC Car Socket, (2) USB [5VDC], (3) 6mm [12 VDC], (4) Anderson Powerpole Discharge Connector [12 VDC], and (5) Banana Socket [12 VDC].  The unit also includes the LED Screen that shows the remaining battery capacity in the unit, so you know when to re-charge.  All the components are mounted in an attractive steel or plastic case with wheels for easy transportation in the field.


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