Rental Fee $25 per day. Call (888)336-7864 for availability and details.

The Bioenno Power 240 Watt Hour Renewable Power Pack, Model BPP-240, is a completely integrated and renewable energy storage system, with built-in solar charge controller and inverter, which can be easily charged using either renewable solar panels or using the built-in AC-to-DC charger, within the unit.   This light weight, compact, backup power pack is based on advanced LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) technology, which can last for 2000 charge cycles or 5+ years (compared to lead acid batteries which only last a few hundred cycles)!  This unit includes a built-in advanced 20A solar charge controller for charging the internal battery.The unit offers 240 Watt-Hours of energy storage! While out in the field, the unit can be easily charged with a solar panel, in 5 ~ 7 hours.  At 8 lbs. this system is more than 50% lighter compared to those using lead acid batteries!  Compared to other packs, this unit includes an integrated 110VAC, DC-to-AC inverter for powering all types of AC equipment including laptops, cell phones, tablet computers, etc.  The unit also includes two DC outputs.  The first DC output at 12VDC/5A uses a common car socket output.  The second DC output is a USB 5VDC/1A output, which can be used for powering cell phones and tablet computers.  The built-in LED display shows power available, at-a-glance.


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