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The BPP-M500 is an integrated renewable energy storage system built with high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology. The unit further features fully integrated systems for charging and discharging from multiple sources in addition to providing both AC and DC power allowing for maximum flexibility of usage and adaptability to any situation. At 500 watt-hours capacity, this unit represents the ideal combination of portability and performance, offering an easily transportable form-factor with enough capacity to power most of your everyday needs from charging smartphones to powering laptops. This unit expands your capabilities, ideal for many applications ranging from camping and outdoor use to renewable backup power for emergency situations.

User Manual [PDF]

BPP-M500 Power Pack Specifications 

Battery Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Battery Voltage: 12.8V
Battery Capacity: 40Ah
Watt Hours: 512 Watt hours
AC Output: 2x 110VAC Universal Socket
DC Output: 12V Car Socket
2x 5V/2.1A USB
2x 12V/5A (DC Plug)
Maximum AC Continuous Discharge: 300 Watts from Pure Sine Wave Inverter
DC Input: 15VDC/5A (DC Input Plug from 110VAC/220 VAC, 60Hz AC/DC Charger)
Maximum Charge Current: 18V/8A
Battery Operating Temperature: 23°F ~ 113°F (-5°C ~ 45°C)
Battery Charge Temperature: 32°F ~ 113°F (0°C ~ 45°C)
Cycle Life: ≥2000 cycles
Dimensions: 11.3 in. x 8.5 in. x 9 in. (287 mm x 216 mm x 229 mm)
Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg.)


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