Bioenno Power offers a complete selection of (1) Energy Storage Systems, (2) Renewable Power Packs and (3) Power Banks/Jump Starters.  These systems, power packs, and power banks can be used on-the-go for powering portable electronics, computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones,  and a variety of other equipment.  

Our Power Pack/Jump Starter Brochure

Mobile Power Station

Bioenno Power's 1200 W-Hr energy storage system can be used for on-the-go applications and further used for powering portable electronics such as computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other equipment up to 1000 Watts.  These systems can be used for various commercial, industrial, and residential applications where access to a solar panel.  


  • Integrated 12V, 60Ah LFP Battery with 720 W-hr of energy storage and built-in 1000W inverter
  • Built-in Solar Charge Controller, AC-to-DC Charger, and DC-to-AC inverter
  • DC Outputs: 2x 5V USB, 3 x 12V Car Charger Socket, 1 x Anderson SB120 Powerpole (12V, 20A)
  • AC Outputs: 2 x 110 VAC  (1000W Max)



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