Bioenno Power offers a range of nanotechnology-based, high-performance Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries for recreational radio-controlled equipment with 30C continuous power delivery, and 50C maximum burst. We provide power for remote-control (RC) toys and models covering the range from airplanes and helicopters of varying propeller configurations to cars and boats, with voltage ranging from 7.4V (2S) to 22.2V (6S), in both soft and hard case configurations

Our LiPo Battery Line Catalog (2200 mAh - 5000 mAh)

Our battery line confers the following proven advantages:

  • Lower weight and smaller size
  • Increased capacity and energy density
  • Enhanced power delivery and current/peak power rating
  • Better power density
  • Constant and stable discharge voltage
  • Increased battery safety due to thermal and chemical stability
  • Greater calendar life


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