When you buy Bioenno Power you buy the best commercial Lithium technology has to offer from the experts with the most comprehensive application compatibility on the market, industry leading product-to-application integration and an absolute devotion to quality. Bioenno Power doesn't stop here. We give you something even better: with complete quality control certification and performance certification on all of our products and our exclusive True Lithium Capacity you get same proven and trusted real-deal solutions used professionals in just about every sector from energy to defense. 

Your advantage: What do I get with a Bioenno Power LFP?
• LFP stands for Lithium Iron Phosphate, the most advanced commercially available battery you can buy right now
• LFP has lower weight
• Increased capacity
• Enhanced power delivery
• Long service life over 5-10 years
• 2000+ charge cycles
• Constant and stable discharge
• Thermal and chemical stability
• 100% Quality Control certified
• Low environmental impact
• High current/peak power rating
• Long storage life


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