Overview of Hybrid Supercapacitor Battery

Bioenno Power is currently conducting on-going research and development on hybrid supercapacitor batteries.   A hybrid supercapacitor battery combines both a supercapacitor and battery (e.g. LiFePO4 battery, or other Li-Ion batteries). By combining both a supercapacitor with a battery, a significantly high discharge current can be achieved for delivery to pulse loads while at the same time extending battery life. 

With sufficient time between each pulse load, the battery will be able to charge the supercapacitor which would handle the high discharge current into a load.  This allows the overall efficiency of the system to be improved, because the battery is not subject to the rate capacity effect. Therefore,  a hybrid supercapacitor battery would allow for smaller batteries to be used in order to achieve the same energy output, when compared to battery only systems.  



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