Bioenno Power is an established California based Original Equipment Manufacturer offering a unique combination of expertise, experience and talent over the past decade that produces the absolute best Lithium power systems the market can offer. With customers in the furthest reaches of the planet from Siberia to the Sub-Saharan grasslands and rich coasts of Africa, global users with mission critical demands and applications, a Bioenno Power product will power you when you need it most wherever you go wherever you are. We have a large number of leading international companies and demanding government clients worldwide for everything from avionics and robotics to communications and defense. When you buy Bioenno Power you buy an obsession with quality and an absolute devotion to perfection.

•State-of-the-art LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology
•Comprehensive power systems product range from batteries to power packs and power banks
•High reliability extended service life power systems with extreme thermal-chemical stability
•Integrated intelligent fail-safe systems nullifying overcharge, overdischarge and short-circuiting
•Micro-computer control system integrated on all LiFePO4 power systems
•Fully integrated flexible output man-portable power packs and industrial power banks
•Stand-alone Solar Charge Controller units for complete solar-to-battery system integration
•Industry leading True Lithium Capacity

•Large scale application capability
•Complete prototyping to final-production manufacturing capability
•Custom power system consultation, prototyping, and development service
•Small to large scale custom power system production capability
•ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and RoHS standard manufacturing
•Comprehensive commercial off-the-shelf product range for most applications
•Comprehensive application compatibility on the market
•Comprehensive technical support and consultation service, offered free of charge
•Complete multi-stage quality certification on all products

Bioenno Power is a registered trademark of Bioenno Tech, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company (USPTO Registration # 4,146,119).

Download our Bioenno Power Catalog [PDF]




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