The Bioenno Power Renewable Power Pack, Model BPP-720, is the answer to your portable and backup power needs. Whether you are out in the country or just having a party outside, take the Mobile Power Station to meet your power needs. A small form factor combined with a large 720 WHr power reserve ensures your devices are always on. Our premium LiFePO4 battery offers thousands of cycles of use without diminished capacity compared to just few hundred our competitors offer, all while weighing less. The versatile power station will work with most solar panels on the market to recharge from the unlimited energy of the sun in as little as 3 hours*. A variety of ports and plugs allow convenient plug and charge for all your devices and needs.  The system includes a built-in solar controller and AC-to-DC charger.

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  • 12V 60Ah advanced LiFePO4 battery offers up to 2000 cycles of full capacity operation (80% capacity afterwards) along with automated electrical protection
  • Compatible with almost every solar panel up to 25V for charging the system
  • Fully charge in as little as 3 hours* via solar panel with built-in 30A rated intelligent solar charge controller
  • Built-in AC charger rated at 10A
  • Includes AC wall outlet, USB port, Anderson Powerpole, car charger plug for compatibility with all of your devices
  • Easy to carry handles and lockable wheels to help you quickly move the Moble Power Station wherever you go
  • Light weight, 40% lighter than power banks using lead acid AGM battery
  • 1 year standard warranty

*Actual charging time will vary based on environmental conditions.


Battery 12V 60Ah (720 Whr) LiFePO4 Battery

0-25V Solar Panel @ up to 10A  (using the integrated solar charge controller)
(Please note that the solar panel maximum current output must be less than 10A)

AC Wall Charger @ 10A (using the integrated charger)

AC Output

2x Wall Outlet (110VAC, 60Hz, 9.09 Amps Max, 1000 Watts [total power across two outlets])

DC Output

2x USB (5VDC, 500mA)
3x Car Charger Socket (12VDC, 5A Max, 60W max)
1x Anderson SB120 (12VDC, 20A max)

LED Display

LEDs indicating capacity remaining


1000W modified sine wave


Battery: overcharge, overdischarge, temperature
DC: Fuse
AC: Power limit

Operating Temperature

-10 °C to 60 °C


15.5" (W) x 11.75" (H) x 17" (D)


50 lbs.



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