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Bioenno Power Inverter, 300 Watts (BI-300P)

Bioenno Power Inverter, 300 Watts (BI-300P)

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Model BI-300 Inverter Specifications
300 Watt Inverter
Rated Power: 300W (do not exceed 300 Watts)
Conversion efficiency: ≥93%
Input Voltage: 12V
Low Voltage Cutoff: 10V±0.5V
High Voltage Cutoff: 15V±0.5V
Overheat Cutoff: 140°F±10% (60°C±10%)
Output Voltage: 110VAC±5%
Output Frequency: 60Hz±3Hz
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Dimensions: 6.22 in. x 3.86 in. x 2.09 in. (158 mm x 98 mm x 53 mm)
Weight: 0.92 lbs. (0.42kg.)
Includes low voltage shut-off protection, overvoltage shut-off protection, overload protection, automatic thermal shut down, built-in cooling unit and LED indicators

The Bioenno Power BI-300 is a Pure Sine Wave 300 Watt inverter for converting DC input to AC output for use in low power electronic devices requiring AC power. The inverter has built in safety features that protect the unit from both low and high voltage as well as overheating and gives a visual alarm in the form of a long lasting LED fault light. Please note to always check the polarity of the wiring before connecting the input terminals as any crossed wiring will result in a short circuit in the device.

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