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2.7V, 90F Supercapacitor (BSCAP2790)

2.7V, 90F Supercapacitor (BSCAP2790)


The Bioenno Power Supercapacitor offers tremendous capacitance (in Farads!) within a small form factor! These supercapacitors use advanced electrolytes and can be used to configure various-sized cells into modules to meet the power, energy, and voltage requirements for a wide range of applications. 

Model BSCAP2790

  • Voltage:  2.7F
  • Capacitance:  90F
  • ESR:  18 milli-ohms (AC 1 kHz);  27  milli-ohms  (DC)
  • Dimensions:  45 mm (Length) x 22 mm  (Width)
  • Weight:  27 grams

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