The solar industry is seeing phenomenal growth because of new product innovations. These new products are a result of years of research and development in the solar field. Bioenno Power is conducting on-going, in-house research and development work on the new-generation of low-cost thin film solar cells using nano-crystalline  copper indium gallium di-selenide (CIGS) alloys and organic solar cells.

Next-generation Thin Film Solar Cells and Modules

Thin film solar cells are manufactured from nano-crystalline copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) and organic solar cells. Thin film solar cells cost less compared to traditional mono and polycrystalline PV panels. However, at the present time, their efficiency is less compared to traditional PV panels. Future goals for thin film solar cells is to improve efficiency to meet or exceed the efficiency of traditional PV panels. Bioenno Power has also conducted extensive leading research on new-generation thin-film solar technology based on low-cost nanomaterial processing that would result in the production of high-efficiency, cost-effective thin film solar cells and modules. The core technology for advanced thin-film solar cells and solar modules is the development of high-performance photovoltaic materials that have high energy conversion efficiency.


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