Bioenno Power is conducting research and development on (1) various high-power, high-energy Li-ion battery and energy storage systems, (2) micro-grid development technologies, and (3) flexible energy devices.

High-power, High-energy Li-ion Battery and Energy Storage 

Bioenno Power has also conducted extensive leading research on new-generation Li-ion battery technologies based on advanced nanostructured electrode materials which would lead to the production of high-energy-density, long-service-life battery cells and the resultant battery modules/packs. The related research also includes Li-ion battery–based energy storage system for solar power and other applications. We are also developing  Li-ion battery based renewable energy storage systems including uninterruptible power supply (UPS),, which integrate renewable solar energy  and energy storage system.

Micro-Grid Development

Bioenno Power is working on developing new technologies that can be used in micro-grids.  Micro-grids combine local electricity generation, energy storage (e.g. LiFePO4 batteries), and electrical loads.  The micro-grid can be connected or not connected to the main grid.  The sources of power include fuel cells, wind, and solar.  In the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, the micro-grid still remains functional to provide necessary power to its local service area.

Flexible Energy Devices 

Flexible nanomaterials-based electronic devices including energy harvest device (e.g. high-efficiency thermoelectric devices) and energy storage devices (e.g. Li-ion battery and supercapacitors)


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